Did You Know? — Grogan’s Mill

Curiosity is part of my fabric.  I’m not exactly a history buff, but I do enjoy knowing something about my hometown, and when it comes to The Woodlands, hometown points to Grogan’s Mill.  In the years since I came, I’ve walked and biked as many trails through Grogan’s Mill as possible, hoping to spot a remnant of the timber mill it was named for.  My pathway journeys were always enjoyable, but they didn’t produce an old sawmill, much to my disappointment.

There is information available pointing to the approximate location of the actual sawmill.  Here is a little background:  George and Will Grogan started up a timber mill operation near Gladstell, Texas around 1912.  Then, in 1917 they formed the Grogan-Cochran Lumber Company and that is when they started operating in what is now The Woodlands.  It seems there were a lot of lumber operations at the time, and there were several ghost towns left when these outfits moved to their next location.  One thing that set the Grogan’s apart is that they didn’t clear-cut trees.  Major kudos to them!

The mill itself was located near the current location of Lamar Elementary School in Grogan’s Mill.  The pond at Tamarac Park, not far away, was used to soak the logs before cutting.  Then, donkeys would haul them to rail cars to be shipped out.

This mill operation continued up through 1960!  Then, in 1964, the visionary George Mitchell purchased 50,000 acres of land from them at $125.00 per acre, and the next chapter in our town’s history began.

Welcome to The Woodlands!  We’re glad you came!


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