The Woodlands – A Great Place to Live

It happens every year — publications release their list of “greatest places to…” (live, raise a family, work, go to school, and more).  And every year, The Woodlands rises to the top of many, if not most, of those lists.

This year, Niche Online Magazine has release their lists and The Woodlands is listed as #2 on the list of the best places in America to raise a family.  Not surprising, since we boast exemplary schools; opportunities for almost any career path; parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, biking and walking paths and much, much more.

The Woodlands also ranked #7 on their list of Best Cities to Live in America.  Again, I’m not surprised.  Every time I venture outside I am reminded of the reasons I love to call this my hometown.

For me, it’s more of a matter of feeling blessed than it is a matter of pride.  The quality of life here is great; I tend to take some things for granted until I leave home for a few days, and then it becomes clear again.  We have it pretty good around here!


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